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Campaign URL builder

You can create campaign utilities in a way that matches your business needs exactly, without the fear of making a mistake that will make future data analysis difficult. Quickly and intuitively choose the appropriate values in specific fields or complete the data with your own values.

  • Intuitive selection of fields
  • Fast link creation
  • Option fields required and optional
  • Google URL Shortener

Multiple links

Do you run a large number of campaigns in different media, for different audiences and for a variety of products? Our tool will allow you to create multiple links in one go. By unchecking the Multiple Links option, you can create all the links you need at the click of a button.

  • Ability to create multiple links with just one click
  • Increase work efficiency

Link management

Do the links you created need a modification? There is not need to start all over again. With the link management option you can always make all necessary changes and update the link.

  • Quick fixes
  • Editing or deleting a link are only a click away
  • Links export to CSV
  • Links filtering

Auto email tagging

Update your email HTML code to automatically tag links with your UTM settings in seconds. This will help you to save your valuable time and to track your email campaigns

  • Automatically tag links
  • Track email campaigns easily

Creating dedicated forms

Creating a project where campaign-tagging people will then work is easy. You can add descriptions that will make it easier for users to select the appropriate fields from the list you created, or you can enter your own values into the fields if you leave them incomplete.

  • You can choose from a list of pre-defined options or enter your own values
  • You can choose to enter the start date of the campaign
  • You can select the mandatory and the optional fields

User Management

You can assign users to a specific project and select their level of access. This will prevent individuals who are not authorized from editing your projects.

  • Quickly add and delete users
  • 3 levels of permissions to choose from

Custom domain shortener

You will no longer waste time on long, unstructured links. What's more - you can now create shortcuts using your own domain!

  • Saving time and energy
  • Professional-looking links using your domain

Facebook UTM Builder

This simple tool is an absolute hit among Facebook advertiser. Thanks to it, you can match utilities to even very large campaigns in just a few seconds and with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Save your time
  • Never make mistakes again by entering UTM manually

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