An easy way to analyze Facebook campaigns
in Google Analytics

Do you experience issues while analyzing Facebook Ads in Google Analytics? Do you keep seeing 'referral source'? Not sure what to do?
We have the solution for you!

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Complete Facebook campaign data

Easy way to make and analyze business decisions
, while keeping an eye on all your Facebook campaigns in Google Analytics.

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Source / Medium

The website where the user visit originated is called a 'source'. On the other hand, 'medium' may specify paid or unpaid (cpc) web traffic or e-mail activity.


All advertising activity on the Internet is called a 'campaign', such as the January_promotion_page.

Ad content

Ad content allows you to distinguish between ads. We can not assess if your advertising is effective without this setting.

So, you want to know what is the best solution?

It is quite easy. All you need to do is to create a specific URL for all the ads in your campaigns.
You should add settings like utm_source, utm_medium, utm_camapign, utm_term, and utm_content


What are the UTM settings?

Source and Medium

Source is the origin of your traffic (Facebook), Medium is the general category of the source, for example - paidsocial, post, rightcolumn


This is the name of the referring Facebook campaign that you have created


It shows you which Ad Group has generated clicks in Facebook Campaigns


Helps identify specific Ads. For example, if you have two call-to-action Ads within the same Ad Group, you can use different Content values to differentiate them.

Imagine that you have to do 5 Campaigns with 4 Ad Groups each. It can not be denies that this is easy. Each Ad Group has 5 Ads which gives 100 different URLs. How long will it take you to do it? Honestly, it would be a waste of your valuable time! The worst of all is that this is a very important part of your work and you really need to have it done correctly!

What do we offer?

We offer a tool that can make your campaigns measurable in 3 easy steps. The data in the analytics system will be the same as the campaign structure in your Facebook Ads advertising account.

Step 1

Go to the Facebook Power Editor tool. Go to the Ads tab. Select the ads you want to analyze in Google Analytics. Select the Export & Import option and Export Selected.

Step 2

Log in to Wittrack and drag the file you downloaded in step 1. Click the copy button in Wittrack.

Step 3

Go to the Facebook Power Editor tool. Again, use the Export & Import and the Bulk Import Ads options. Paste the copied text using the Paste Text option and click Import.

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